Is a license plate mounting assembly required? We recommend customers install their new 3D license plates with a mounting kit provided to ensure 100% reliability. For customers who want the fastest installation method, we recommend our adhesive pad mounting kit. When we talk about 3D and 4D license plates, we are talking about the style of composition used on the plates themselves. This is not related to custom car registrations, so what exactly are 3D and 4D license plates? While 3D license plates simply use a modified font to achieve the 3D effect, “3D freeze” or 4D license plates contain embossed text that protrudes from the surface of the license plate. Individual letters are usually made of laser-cut acrylic or gel layers and tend to cost more than their 3D counterparts. A huge industry has emerged around motorists` desire to customize and modify their cars to express their personality. There are many ways to do this, from custom vinyl sheets to a new set of wheels. However, one of the biggest current trends is the installation of 3D or 4D license plates. All deliveries are fully traceable and you will receive a tracking number when shipping your order. The new licence plate rules require all new licence plates – whether attached to a new car or replace the licence plates of an old car – to comply with the UK standard BS AU 145e. A: Yes, 3D gel license plates are legal for cars in the UK. To protect yourself from questioning or punishment, make sure your license plate is manufactured by a DVLA-certified license plate manufacturer. At a glance, 3D license plates are very similar to the standard license plates seen on most cars on UK roads.

On closer inspection, however, these license plates differ due to the markedly beveled font used for the recording lettering itself. This gives the visual impression that the text is in 3D, when in reality the letters and numbers remain flush with the surface of the license plate. From 1 September 2021, licence plates with a 3D effect policy will be banned in the UK. According to the DVLA, the lettering of a license plate can only be printed in a single shade of black. In response to a petition to end the ban on 3D license plates, the government said: “The new UK standard for retro-reflective license plates does not indicate that license plates with raised signs, including 3D freezing and 4D license plates, are not allowed.” How much does delivery cost? For a limited time only, we now offer FREE shipping on all license plate orders! What are the dimensions of the license plate? Their 3D plate has a standard size in the UK and measures 520mm x 111mm (20″ x 4.3%). The penalty for driving with illegal license plates has not changed. Despite the changes, there is no complete ban on 3D license plates. In case of change of delivery address requests, we can change the address at any time before the shipment of the order, please send an e-mail to change the delivery address. This requires the panels to be made from more durable materials and pass stricter durability tests, including a new abrasion test to ensure they can withstand damage from road debris such as salt and gravel.

✔ Gloss black carbon 3D gel lettering with a 2mm raised curved finish. While 3D and 4D license plates have become a daily sight on UK roads, there is a lot of confusion as to their legality. Our guide aims to summarize what these license plates are and explain whether they are legal or not before deciding to display them on your car on a public road. If you don`t display a licence plate or post a sign that doesn`t meet the correct standard, you`ll be liable to a fine of up to £1,000. MOT & Legality All characters have been designed to match the current Charles Wright font. We use letters and numbers of the highest quality using gel and acrylic characters. Subject to legality, all our plates comply with DVLA standards to ensure that these are TÜV complaints, with each plate marked with exotic license plates and British Standards markings (BS AU 145d). Easy Number Plate offers a range of 3D license plates for you to choose from. All characters were designed to match the current Charles Wright font. We use the highest quality gel resins for letters and numbers. As mentioned earlier, license plates should only be printed in a single shade of black with the standard British Charles Wright font.

This means that alternately colored characters with a colored pin strip are not allowed. Tinted license plates use an extra layer of acrylic on the reflective surface of the license plate to create a dark effect. These license plates are illegal in the UK as they make it difficult to read and identify individual characters. Drivers showing these signs can expect to be stopped by police and fined up to £1,000. Although both are popular options, the license plate law was amended in late 2021 by introducing a new standard for their manufacture and establishing new rules for so-called 3D and 4D license plates, which created confusion. Do you want your license plate to stand out a little more? Then you`ll love our black carbon 3D gel license plate – one of the most visually exciting in our range.