Stern Corporate Services is the management division of Express Trade Capital, Inc., a leader in international trade financing and global logistics established in 1993.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach for non-US businesses, e-commerce sellers, and global entrepreneurs seeking US bank accounts and related services — at lower costs than those offered by other providers and without the headaches confronting so many non-US companies simply trying to fulfill their dreams.

We understand that as online shopping and services accelerate, non-US companies increasingly engage directly with their customers either through their own websites or popular online retail platforms.  The problem is that most payment platforms only settle to US bank accounts — and, if they settle to foreign accounts, they impose mandatory currency conversions at extremely high exchange rates and with all kinds of restrictions.

And then there’s the separate problem of non-US companies without US bank accounts being excluded from online platforms and missing out on potential customers altogether.

We are able to provide a fast, low-cost and hassle-free solution. 

We help you avoid the hassle of showing up to a local US bank to open an account. With the unique initiative we’ve created, you don’t need a US tax ID number, or a US entity, or a US visa.

Instead, we open a FDIC insured bank account for you, in your name, so that you’re able to act just as though you’re a US business.  Imagine being able to easily settle sales in US dollars, hold US dollars indefinitely, and access platforms that you’re otherwise unable to access.

We don’t charge hidden fees like other payment platforms and don’t lock you out of your account if you frequently move from country to country.  Nor are we a faceless algorithm; we are a small and hardworking team dedicated to your personal success and to ensuring that you’re paid for your talent globally and locally.

One digital nomad in Chiang Mai, Thailand said that she appreciates the “simplicity of what [we] offer. Uncluttered. Pleasant. Easily understandable. The package itself, the structure is great.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (212) 997-0155 to speak to a member of the team.