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Thailand’s fourth-largest city is making waves in ecommerce.

Though it may not seem like an obvious choice, Chiang Mai is uniquely situated to become a hub of international commerce, particularly in the ecommerce industry. Why? Let’s break it down:

  • Location – Chiang Mai is 435 miles outside of Bangkok, which amounts to a one-hour flight north of the capital city, simplifying travel and accessibility.
  • Cost – The cost of living and amenities in Chiang Mai are practically incomparable. NomadList claims that one can survive on less than $700 per month in the northern Thai city. The low cost of rent, food and basic services is particularly impressive when one considers the city’s extensive connectivity…
  • Connectivity – Chiang Mai’s tech-friendly setup and low cost of living mean that inhabitants can get download speeds at home up to 15/15 Mbps for just $25 per month. A month of cellular data (1G at 3G speed, plus unlimited slower-speed data) is only $6.
  • Communal Foundation – Several businesses have already begun to take advantage of Chiang Mai’s immense potential as an ecommerce hub, gradually creating an ideal community for small businesses and startups to move in and make their mark. A number of communal work spaces have opened including PunSpace, Guru Box, and Coffee Monster. There’s even a networking Facebook page for entrepreneurs working in Chiang Mai.
  • Culture – Aside from the city’s cost-effective, resource-rich features, it is also the former capital of the kingdom of Lanna, so its language and culture are distinct to Bangkok. The city also contains over 300 Buddhist temples and numerous outdoor and shopping opportunities within reach.

Learn more about Chiang Mai here.

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